Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing is a matter of trust. At Shinetastic Detailing, we treat every vehicle like it was our own – and we have high standards!

If you're looking for a top-notch exterior detail at affordable rates, you've come to the right place. Our exterior detailing includes a long list of services to choose from.

Exterior Buff and Wax

If your ride doesn't shine like it used to, no worries! Our exterior buff and wax package includes:


  • Deposit removal -> Tree sap, chewing gum, road paint, grease, tar, bugs, and glue.

                                   We use Blue Magic Clay-Bars to remove microscopic deposits giving your                                           vehicle a nice, smooth finish.

  • Buff and wax      -> High speed polish, followed with orbital buff with paint sealant .

                                   Dark vehicles are only buffed with foam pads to eliminate swirl or "wheel"                                           marks.



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Wet-Sand and Compound

For severely damaged, scratched and neglected clear coat or enamel paints we offer our premium Wet-Sand and Compound package. This process will safely correct most imperfections and return your vehicle's luster to a factory shine. Guaranteed! It includes:

  • Full exterior Wet-sand       -> Starting with 1500grit, then 2000grit  to take damage down.
  • Full exterior Compound     -> Two-stage compound to remove sanding scratches.
  • Full exterior Buff and Wax -> (Above)

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